Tips for Matching Cabinet Hardware and Faucets

The two main areas for interior design are the kitchen and bathroom, where most of the foot traffic happens. So they need a visually appealing look. Did you know you can create cohesive looks by matching the faucets with the door and cabinet hardware? These accessories are almost created with similar metals and outer finishes. Some may look too small to draw the eye, but when complimented well, they give a nice design flow that may not require a complete makeover.

Is the Matching of Knobs and Faucets Necessary?

One of the decisions to make when doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel is whether to match the cabinet and door hardware with faucets. It depends on your décor style and other factors like the availability of components and budget. When you select the faucets first, choosing hardware sets becomes easier. Matching the fixtures creates uniformity, especially in smaller spaces. Moreover, it fortifies your design discipline in a modern minimalist style. Homeowners who love color coordination and matched styles will find this ideal more appealing no matter what form they stick to.

Mixing Hardware Metals in the Kitchen

When you want to create an eclectic décor in the kitchen, it is good to mix colors, finishes, and styles. For instance, brushed brass and chrome faucets give a special glow for lightening up space. Dark-toned knobs and handles such as oil-rubbed bronze look great with soft faucet finishes e.g., brushed nickel. Want to get more adventurous? You can play around contrasting elements by mixing the designs. When it comes to the type of metal to use in kitchen cabinets and water taps, most homeowners choose the same material. When strategically placed close to one another, metals can make a statement or add interest.

For the bohemian kitchen designs, different elements can be mixed up from metals to finishes. The bohemian-inspired style is all about harmonious combinations of various cultures, and it is fine to mix say gold finish with stainless steel. If the kitchen knobs are dark bronze or black, they can go with just about any faucet. Did you know that knobs can be two-toned? They don’t always have to match with the faucets. For example, chrome kitchen tap can be complemented with a two-toned cupboard pulls (chrome and gold).

The Line of Sight

When the kitchen cabinetry and the faucets are in the same line of sight, matching their designs provides a uniform silhouette from the viewpoint. Most kitchen sinks are under-mount, so the color of the sink is not visible unless someone is standing in front of it. Furthermore, kitchen appliances are usually in the line of sight, together with the cabinetry and taps. The most popular finishes of these appliances are stainless steel, white, and black. If you can get faucets with such finishes, your kitchen would have a more organic and eclectic look.

Other Complementary Options for the Bathroom

The bathroom usually has the highest number of plumbing fixtures. Installing the exact color combinations for knobs and faucets is great, but there are other options. Not all fixtures need to match exactly. Trying to perfectly match all of them is quite a hurdle. It is still possible to achieve a natural design flow using other complementary finishes and styles. The popular option of stainless steel faucets pairs well with English brass and matte black. Consider mixing different metals for an eclectic style in the bathroom too.

Saving Your Money on Finishes

Are you looking to revamp the kitchen or bathroom décor with a tight budget? It is imperative to understand the various types of finishes in the market. They are not priced the same, and mixing them could save your pocket. Here is a list of the top finishes for knobs and pulls ranked from the most expensive to the cheapest:

  • Antique brass.
  • Polished nickel.
  • Black.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Brushed nickel.
  • Chrome.

When mixed, these finishes can bring luxurious shades to your interior design without actually enduring the full cost. Almost every finish in the above list pairs perfectly well with black, which is the third most expensive option. You can thus reduce the cost by using chrome as the main finish in the bathroom faucet and use black doorknobs and cabinet pulls. That way, you will maintain an impactful style while cutting costs.

Finally, take care of the lighting in the bathroom and kitchen. Island and recessed lights are better fixed in the kitchen while vanity lights are good for the bedroom. They also come in basic finishes highlighted above. Use them to further accent your interior design.