Choosing Knobs and Pulls for Kitchen Cabinets

Apart from their functional value, the aesthetics that knobs add to kitchen cabinets is another thing to love. The cooking area is very prone to dirt, and it is essential to protect the cabinets from such a mess. Keeping the cupboards in their pristine shape extends their longevity. Knobs and pulls protect the finish since the users will not transfer oil and grease to the front of the cabinet. These openers come in handy when the cabinet has a fully-overlay or frame-less design because fingers cannot fit in to open the drawers. They are available in numerous styles, which are aimed at improving the kitchen design. When remodeling, the choice of kitchen hardware should come last. Here are some tips that can help in choosing the best kitchen knobs.

The Finish

Most kitchen hardware sets have brushed nickel or chrome finishes. Just because the faucet is chrome, it doesn’t mean that the cabinet knobs should have chrome finish as well. The idea is to find pulls that complement other interior elements. For instance, light bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, black matt, antique pewter, satin brass, and aluminum knobs go well with brushed stainless steel or nickel faucets. Whereas, clear glass, dark bronze, white bronze, and pewter pulls complement chrome faucets better.

Knobs or Pulls?

When it comes to choosing between knobs and pulls, there are no hard or fast rules. They can be combined as well. Bigger openings like pull-out doors and pantry doors can use pulls. Opening a drawer is more comfortable with a pull. The pull allows the entire palm of the hand to grab an item rather than just using the fingertips. This is very practical in drawers that hold more substantial items like pots and pans. Knobs are common in antique kitchen designs while pulls give a more contemporary look. When choosing pulls, it is important to consider their mounting style. Horizontal mounting is for drawers, while vertical mounting is for doors.


It is advisable to try out the hardware before purchasing it. How does the finger fit in? Does it cram the hand? The edges should not feel sharp but rather comfortable. If the knob has ridges and pointy edges, it can bring annoyance when used multiple times a day.

The Cost

Local plumbing and cabinet showrooms offer a variety of pulls and knobs at reasonable prices. The big-box stores may sell at slightly higher values. Again, it is good to be on the lookout for cheap brands whose finishes are sub-par.