How to Style Your House Using the Right Knobs

Choosing the right handles for cabinets is just as important as any other décor in a remodel project. There are many knobs, but there is nothing to worry about. Keep in mind these are pieces of hardware that you touch on a daily basis. So you must make an informed decision about this seemingly micro design element, which could make a significant impact. You can narrow down the type of cabinet handle based on the top-sellers i.e., bronze, chrome, and nickel. Or you could choose according to the style of your house, e.g., Victorian, Gothic, Minimalist, and Edwardian, etc. Here are other styles for cabinet knobs you might want to consider.

Cabinet Knob Styles

Novelty Knobs

These are decorative knobs that are characterized by a particular theme and personality. They are ideal for styling an ordinary space when you want to express your personality and experiment with interior décor. They bring dramatic effects to an otherwise dull room. Novelty knobs work with plain cabinetry, be it modern or traditional. But they are not easy to pull and grip and could be monotonous if too many of them are installed in one space.

Streamline Modern Knobs

These knobs have been inspired by high-speed ships and railways of the art deco period. This was during the mid-30s when architecture featured thick, curvy, horizontal lines. Their slender beauty is a natural complement for modern cabinets. Coming in the form of stainless steel, they make perfect options for dark stained woods. They also look good on nautical-themed bedrooms.


Backplates are knobs designed with back pieces lying flat against the cabinet or door. The backplate is meant to safeguard the cabinet finish from minor scratches. They work well in a Mediterranean style room. If you want to create a high impact to underscore another style like the Victorian design, then the backplates are the way to go. Also try them in Tuscan, vintage, Edwardian, Gothic, and eclectic styles.

Bar Pulls

The sturdy but glamorous bar pulls complement a lot of cabinetry styles. The linear bar pulls can underscore a contemporary look while the oversized pulls are suitable for wider drawers. A drawer exceeding 18 inches might need two bar pulls or one super-wide bar pull.

Bin/Cup Pulls

These are cup-shaped cabinet pulls with an upside-down design that was quite popular in the mid-19th Century. They are great options for a minimalist homeowner. They also come with a vintage feel and a variety of finishes like matte nickel.